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“Paul, as usual you were spot on. I feel 100% positive about the future.” – Janet
“A great reading. Extremely accurate. Fascinated by knowing my husband’s name, as I gave no clue to him. Appreciated the honesty of the reading.” – Hayley
“Very detailed – identified my private stuff from the past which gave me confidence for the future predictions.” – John
“Amazingly accurate. I never knew it could be done over the phone. You put me at ease instantly, and the first thing that came through was the one thing on my mind and the first thing you answered! Thank you.” – Lucy
“Some of what you said was just unbelievable and left me feeling amazed. See you in the future.” – Daniel
“Great, even better 2nd time around!” – Jo
“Thank you for confirming what I think. You are truly amazing.” – Emily
“What an absolutely wonderful reading, at a time in my life when I felt so sad and confused. Paul made me feel so positive, he is so accurate. An amazing person.” – Fleur
“As soon as I sat down you picked up on the loss of my son. You could have not known about this. You’ve made me feel better. You’re a star.” – Carla
“Enjoyable. Very accurate. Many thanks.” – Peter
“Your reading today was really fantastic and spot on. You confirmed a lot of what was going on in my mind today and I felt completely energised having spoken to you! I will definitely be in touch again. I am usually quite sceptical of this sort of thing but your reading was definitely worth the money!” – Lesley
“Paul, thank you very much. Absolutely brilliant. You were so accurate.” – Alan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is Paul's Experience As a Professional Psychic?

Paul Dean is a natural psychic whose gift was recognised in childhood. He has over 30 years experience of giving readings, private and public demonstrations of clairvoyance and mediumship, facilitating workshops and authoring articles, books and meditations.

Paul made TV News for his accuracy with a psychic investigation after solving a baffling aviation mystery. Nowadays, he enjoys the peace of rural Cornwall and helping his clients achieve happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

How Does A Psychic Reading Work?

A psychic picks up and reads the energy or aura that surrounds a person or situation.

To strengthen or establish a connection, Paul will tune into: a name, a voice, an aura, a photo or an object, then with the aid of Spirit and sometimes the use of a tool of divination, such as tarot or crystal, he is able to deliver astonishing results.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Simply choose a time that is convenient for your Telephone Psychic Reading by using the online booking form.

Please checkout securely using PayPal, credit or debit card and kindly telephone promptly at your appointment time.

Private Psychic Readings at Paul’s studio in rural Cornwall are available upon request by visiting the ‘Appointments’ page.

Is a Private or Telephone Reading better for me?

It’s really a matter of personal choice, as psychic energy is not limited by physical dimensions or restrictions.

Psychic Readings given over the telephone are most popular these days due to their convenience with clients from all over the world.

How Often Should I have Psychic Readings?
Many clients benefit from having regular psychic readings.

If you feel you have ‘turned a corner’ or you are in need of further psychic and spiritual guidance, you may benefit from having readings more often.

Ultimately, trust your intuition. If in need, get in touch.

How Do I Get the Best Out of a Psychic Reading?

To get the best from your reading with Paul, there are a few things you can do yourself to help the reading be clear and useful for you.

Firstly, when the reading is about to start take a moment to centre yourself and prepare yourself to receive the guidance you need at this time, mentally ask Spirit for their guidance through Paul. You will need to have an open mind and an open heart to receive the information Paul presents to you, it may or may not be what you want to hear, but it will actually be what you need to hear.

Let go of any attachment to any particular outcome and desire only the truth.

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