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How to Meditate for Inner Guidance

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If you choose to meditate to develop your inner guidance, this is the type of meditation you should practice. Although this type of meditation is very easy to learn, most people usually find it very difficult to do – to start with.

The key to this meditation is clearing your mind of all thoughts and in this day and age, that is very hard for most people to do. This type of meditation is good to practice if you have a day that has left you feeling stressed.

Within our auras, we all have a spiritual body as well as a physical body. The spiritual body vibrates at a certain rate. The faster it vibrates, the easier it is to contact your Spirit Guides and Teachers. Through your meditations, you will increase the rate at which your spiritual body vibrates.

There also exists within each of us what is known as your Higher-Self. Your Higher-Self is that part of you that knows all and understands all without your necessarily being aware of it on a physical level. It is the essence of who you are – it is you.

The goal behind this type of meditation is to become closer to, or merge with your Higher-Self.

When you are in close connection with your Higher-Self:

  • Issues and problems in your life are easier to handle.
  • Intuition is stronger.
  • You will receive knowledge very quickly.
  • You will begin to merge with your Higher-Self to become a calm, fulfilled, happy soul.

When you practice this type of meditation, you will generally open your eyes feeling better about life without knowing why. If you had a problem, the problem doesn’t seem so bad. If there is stress, then you become more relaxed.

The long-term results of this meditation are inner peace and a feeling of oneness with all things.

The Technique…

Read the technique over a few times until you are comfortable with the steps. Once you feel you understand the procedure, take a few minutes and practice the meditation.

  1. Find a place where you will not be disturbed. Switch off your phones etc.
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position where your spine is straight. Don’t cross your arms, legs or ankles (unless sitting on the floor in an eastern position) as this blocks the flow of energy.
  3. Gently close your eyes.
  4. Upon commencing any meditation, you may wish to say a prayer asking your Higher Power filled with Light and Love (which many call God) to protect and guide you. Saying the prayer ensures that your Spirit Guides will be helping you with the meditation.
  5. Feel the energy surround you. Let the peace flow through your body and then begin.
  6. In your mind, focus or stare at the spot between and above your eyes on your forehead.
  7. Start to meditate by thinking about absolutely nothing. Clear your mind of all thoughts and mental chatter.
  8. Continue to concentrate on the point between your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. In your mind, see and feel only that spot between your eyes.
  9. When you feel like it’s time to “wake up”, open your eyes.
  10. Give thanks for the peace received.

A Simple Prayer for Meditation

“Higher Power filled with Light and Love, Please surround me in your Light and your Love. Protect me while I meditate and help me to raise my vibration so that I may become closer to you. Help me to find peace and to become one with my Higher-Self. Amen.”

Remember, the most important part of this meditation technique:

  • Release all problems and worries.
  • Do not ask Guides to appear to you or tell you anything.
  • Do not ask to be shown any information and if you see anything, release it from your mind.
  • Release ALL thoughts from your mind.
  • Concentrate on feeling the presence of a Higher Power – of absolute peace.
  • If any mental chatter starts at any time, gently release it from your mind and let it go. That’s all there is to it.

As mentioned earlier, this type of meditation is very difficult to do at first, and may take regular practise. Like anything worthwhile – practise makes perfect. Some people prefer a Guided Meditation to start with, as it is easier to follow an inner journey, than to totally clear one’s mind of all thought. Others prefer to sit within a group to meditate. Each person’s meditation is their own personal experience, so please experiment a little and go with what’s right for you. There are many benefits to meditation – so do try it!


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