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Just like your fingerprint or DNA, true astrology is completely unique to you.

What’s written in the stars for you?

Readings are promptly delivered to your inbox for you to enjoy on your mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.


* Your date, place and time of birth (if known) is required for this personalised and in-depth astrology interpretation.

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A helpful and guiding interpretation for understanding your destiny.

Astrology is a study of the connection between planets and life on Earth. It is based on a concept that energy patterns form between other planets and Earth and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and communities.

An astrological chart, also known as a horoscope, natal chart, or birth chart, records the relationship between the planets and the signs of the Zodiac. Charts can be calculated for the birth of a person, a community, an event or anything that seems momentous. The horoscope is as individual and unique as a fingerprint.

Astrology has been used for thousands of years to provide deep insights into one’s personality, intimate relationships, and the important influences that affect one’s daily life.

Now, with the Solar Writer Dynamic Forecast interpretation, you can examine your life in a unique way to take advantage of unexplored opportunities, or simply to figure out where to go next. Through this reading, you’ll be able to make the most of your life in a way that wasn’t possible before.

When meteorologists forecast the weather we understand that they are not telling us how to live our lives. Rather they are giving us information that may help us make our own decisions. As far as the weather is concerned our major decisions are whether or not to dress warmly or to take an umbrella. The astrological system of Transits is offering us much the same information. It is giving us an indication of the emotional and intellectual weather of our lives. It is up to us to decide our own destiny.

Each entry in this report relates to an astrological event that affects the natal chart for this individual. The entries are sorted by the exact date on which each event occurs, and the period during which the events are considered to be in effect is shown. Foreknowledge of trends, opportunities and events can greatly help us get the best out of our lives.

Personalised astrology should not be confused with the popular Sun sign generalisations found online and in newspapers and magazines.

Many people mistakenly believe that astrology only concerns the Sun. This is due to the Western world view of astrology, which has taken on the popular form of zodiac horoscopes. However, in truth the study of astrology goes well beyond Sun signs. The planets found on the astrological chart are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The mapping and interpretation of an astrological birth chart as a whole will paint the picture of the character and soul qualities of the individual. This interpretation is also a large part of the art of astrology, and is necessary for accurate predictions.

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