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Spiritual Awareness


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Understanding and Developing Your Spirituality

We are all spiritual beings embodied in matter, having human experiences. Many of us are aware that we are more than just our minds and bodies. Some of us seek answers in religion and seem to come out empty handed, whilst others look within towards their own spirituality and somehow turn out transformed; more peaceful, intuitive, loving and wise.

In this book, you will learn about:

• Spiritual Evolution • Spiritual Reality • The Divine Plan • Tuition vs. Intuition • The Soul Speaks • Divine Discontentment • Embracing Change • Spiritual Awakening • Spiritual Emergency • Soul Purpose • The Human Aura • The Auric Shield • Soul Relationships • Spiritual Sex • Soul Sexuality • Spiritual Healing • Spirit Contact • Spiritual Sciences

Discover secrets to understanding and developing your spirituality, following intuition and embracing change, discovering your soul purpose, exploring soul relationships and more…

Available to download in ‘My Account’ after completing checkout.