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Knowledge of the future can bring peace of mind.

What’s on the cards for you?

Readings are promptly delivered to your inbox for you to enjoy on your mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.

Sample Reading

Receive a 32 Tarot Card Full In-Depth Reading for the year ahead.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries by many people worldwide to reveal future trends and possibilities and guide them when making decisions.

Insights, predictions and advice for :

  1. FOCUS: The crux of the matter, or the foundation on which the reading is based.
  2. DESIRE: That which you truly want.
  3. SUCCESS: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  4. ROMANCE: The area of love and romance.
  5. SURPRISES: An unexpected or astonishing event or fact.
  6. OTHERS: The effect of other people on you.
  7. HOME: Your home environment.
  8. TRAVEL: Trips and comings and goings.
  9. PAPERS: Physical or digital: forms, books, documents, legal matters, etc.
  10. WORK: Your work, career, place of business.
  11. UNIONS: Your getting together or alliances with others.
  12. EMOTIONS: How you feel about circumstances or events.
  13. PLEASURE: Where you will find the most enjoyment, satisfaction or joy.
  14. NEWS: News, messages or communications affecting you.
  15. FAMILY: Close and distant relations, and very close friends.
  16. HEALTH: Your health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  17. FINANCES: Anything relating to money or finances.
  18. TIME: The passage of time and how it will affect your affairs.
  19. FRIENDS: The effect of your friends on you.
  20. REWARDS: Something given to you or given by you.
  21. MAIL: Anything sent by post, email or messages.
  22. ANXIETY: Situations that create feelings of uncertainty.
  23. DISAPPOINTMENT: Sadness or displeasure from failed expectations.
  24. ENDINGS: An end or final part of something.
  25. BEGINNINGS: The first part or earliest stage of something.
  26. ACTION: What you need to do to achieve your aims.
  27. INHERITANCE: Something you will rightfully come into possession of.
  28. VISITORS: Social visits and getting together with others.
  29. BLESSINGS: Beneficial things for which you will be grateful.
  30. GUIDANCE: Spiritual advice or information aimed at bringing resolution.
  31. FORTUNE: Helpful influences, serendipity, chance, luck or good karma.
  32. OUTCOME: The foreseeable and predicted way things turn out.

Tarot Reading - An astonishing 6+ pages sent to your email inbox

Tarot Readings provide extremely useful insights, predictions and advice, giving you the opportunity to steer your life away from potentially negative experiences towards positive outcomes.

The messages and guidance offered by a Tarot Reading will be honest and give clarity, meaning and validation to the recipient. Moreover, Tarot Readings can provide flashes of inspiration where otherwise the problems the person may be facing may seem insurmountable.

I Ching Oracle for Advice and Spiritual Guidance

The I Ching, usually translated as Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and among the oldest of the Chinese classics.

Three coins are cast, six times, to create a hexagram that correlates to a passage of ancient text.

The I Ching provides contemplative guidance for correct decision making, as informed by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

Now over 2,800 years old, the I Ching is still in popular use today and trusted by wise souls around the globe.

Angel Oracle for Guidance, Inspiration and Love

The Angel Oracle is a deck of 36 cards and similar to the well-known tarot. One card is selected, revealing spiritual messages from angelic or higher universal forces that are helping you at this time, often from behind the scenes.

The Angels offer Guidance, Inspiration and Love to soothe your mind, calm your emotions and heal your spirit, enabling you to reconnect with your own power and enter into harmonious union with the divine.

Readings are promptly dispatched within 48 hours, Monday to Friday excluding bank and public holidays.

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