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1: FOCUS: The crux of the matter, or the foundation on which the reading is based.
2: DESIRE: That which you truly want.
3: SUCCESS: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
4: ROMANCE: The area of love and romance.
5: SURPRISES: An unexpected or astonishing event or fact.
6: OTHERS: The effect of other people on you.
7: HOME: Your home environment.
8: TRAVEL: Trips and comings and goings.
9: PAPERS: Physical or digital: forms, books, documents, legal matters, etc.
10: WORK: Your work, career, place of business.
11: UNIONS: Your getting together or alliances with others.
12: EMOTIONS: How you feel about circumstances or events.
13: PLEASURE: Where you will find the most enjoyment, satisfaction or joy.
14: NEWS: News, messages or communications affecting you.
15: FAMILY: Close and distant relations, and very close friends.
16: HEALTH: Your health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
17: FINANCES: Anything relating to money or finances.
18: TIME: The passage of time and how it will affect your affairs.
19: FRIENDS: The effect of your friends on you.
20: REWARDS: Something given to you or given by you.
21: MAIL: Anything sent by post, email or messages.
22: ANXIETY: Situations that create feelings of uncertainty.
23: DISAPPOINTMENT: Sadness or displeasure from failed expectations.
24: ENDINGS: An end or final part of something.
25: BEGINNINGS: The first part or earliest stage of something.
26: ACTION: What you need to do to achieve your aims.
27: INHERITANCE: Something you will rightfully come into possession of.
28: VISITORS: Social visits and getting together with others.
29: BLESSINGS: Beneficial things for which you will be grateful.
30: GUIDANCE: Spiritual advice or information aimed at bringing resolution.
31: FORTUNE: Helpful influences, serendipity, chance, luck or good karma.
32: OUTCOME: The foreseeable and predicted way things turn out.
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