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No matter what condition you are in right now, you have the power to choose and direct your destiny. Your actual physical state has a lot to do with how you think and feel.

If you use your mind’s power negatively, then sadness and disappointments will come to you. But if you opt to use your mind to elevate your physical, mental, social and emotional status, then anything you can ever want in life will come straight to you.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, you are thinking of a person you haven’t seen in a long time; then in a few minutes, you received a call from him? That is not merely coincidence! It is the power of your thoughts showing its form to you!

What can you learn from this book?

  • The relationship between thoughts and reality.
  • Astonishing steps to turn you thoughts to reality.
  • The unfailing power of desire.
  • How to test your wants to change your life.
  • How to make your dreams come true, literally!
  • Remarkable ways to reach your goals easily.
  • The proper way to concentrate and visualize to achieve anything you want.
  • The miraculous power of belief.
  • Powerful principles that are vital to make your thoughts real.
  • Effective exercises to strengthen your belief in the power of the universe.
  • How belief and mind power can create tremendous positive changes in your life.
  • How to accept the outcome of your realisations.
  • How to listen and act in accordance with your powers.
  • How to deal with common coincidences and benefit from them.
  • How to get people to willingly support you.
  • The importance of staying positive and how to do it without fail.
  • Six effective tips on how to keep that positive fire burning.
  • The importance of giving back to nature.
  • Great ways and things that you can give out so that you can receive more in return.
  • The proper way of holding on to your thoughts to make them real.
  • How to properly apply the amazing powers of your mind and make your dreams come true.

And a whole lot more!


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