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The Hidden Power of Universal Laws


Easily attain astounding success in every aspect of your physical, spiritual and social life by unleashing the hidden power of universal laws!

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Would you like to know more about the inescapable laws that everybody, whether consciously or unconsciously, adheres to?

Do you realise that learning more about them and applying them to your daily life can take you to a much higher level of attainment in all aspects of your life?

These laws embody utmost control! You use them right and the benefit goes directly to you. You misuse or abuse them and the consequences will reverberate right back at you. It is then important that you know how to utilise these laws correctly. Studying and understanding them deeply is the key to make them work for you.

You might have heard of these laws all along, but you have never really understood their importance nor power. Once you know how to apply these laws correctly, you are on your way to living an entirely different life – a life that is full of greatness and fulfilment!

What can you learn from this book?

  • A surefire roadmap to experiencing the life you want.
  • The most powerful force in the universe.
  • The key formula that makes the universe respond after sending out your intentions.
  • The 3 vital steps in applying the Law of Attraction.
  • Great ways you can apply the Law of Attraction in your business dealings.
  • How to have a fulfilling, abundant life filled with joy, peace, happiness, and good health.
  • How to produce high energy positive vibrations of thought that produce great achievements.
  • How your gratitude can be so powerful and energised that people around you can’t help but notice your aura.
  • How to find out if you have really forgiven someone.
  • A great way to stop the process of thinking negatively.
  • How to get your thoughts back to where they should be when you experience something traumatic in your life.
  • How your thoughts can become dangerous.
  • The reason why another bad thing seem to come right after an initial bad event.
  • Important reason why you need to avoid doing unwholesome actions.
  • How to tell if someone has the spirit of gratitude.
  • How someone blessed with abundance can lose it.
  • The mystery on why the rich seem to get richer, while the poor seem to get poorer.
  • Why some seem to find themselves living in poverty or not having the lifestyle they wish to have amidst all their efforts.
  • The effect if the thoughts we have for someone else never materialise to the person.
  • How the Law of Attraction operates in our lives.
  • How to be in harmony with the Law of Attraction.
  • How to apply the Law of Attraction in both business and personal aspects.
  • The ways and explanations as to how your thoughts can control you.
  • The steps to visualize your thoughts and make them real.
  • The proper way to visualize.
  • How the Law of Vibration works.
  • How to make sure the Law of Vibration is applied properly.
  • How the Law of Karma affect lives.
  • What karma is and how it works.
  • How to understand karma and use it to your benefit.
  • The three doors of action, according to the law of karma.
  • The Law of Gratitude and how to benefit from it.
  • Five key mistakes that people make with regards to gratitude that cause them not to get what they want in life.
  • The power of the Law of Love.
  • The big difference between satisfaction and happiness/ abundance.
  • How to complete the process of the Laws of the Universe.
  • Why some people seem to get what they want while others do not.
  • How to become more abundant in life.
  • The best way to practice the Law of Allowing.

And a whole lot more!


A complimentary audio book is included.

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