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Totally overcome shyness, have a popular and successful social life, and become the spark of everyone’s interest!

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We all experience a certain level of shyness, and that’s a fact. Even actors who are bold enough to perform their hearts out in front of a camera may become shy when a highly respectable person is interviewing them.

Many people have been able to get rid of their shyness and they were able to achieve more – a lot more than those people who continued to remain shy and have not done anything about it!

Your shyness might be the main factor that is blocking you from becoming successful. It might be the reason why your boss hasn’t promoted you yet. It hampers you from going out, meeting somebody, and having an awesome time. It may also be the reason that stops you from having a better job and an improved life.

What can you learn from this book?

  • The damaging effects of shyness in a person.
  • The different causes of shyness.
  • How today’s technology and the need for lesser interaction contribute a lot in making people shy.
  • How to visualize your way to a shy-free reality.
  • How failures and rejections develop shyness.
  • How to fully improve your personality.
  • How to apply NLP in defeating shyness.
  • How shyness can affect your social life.
  • The characteristics of shy introverts and shy extroverts.
  • The different ways to determine your shyness level.
  • The different consequences of shyness in your life.
  • How shyness differs from social anxiety.
  • An amazing technique to help shy individuals overcome social fears and phobias.
  • The 14 questions used to identify your stage of shyness.
  • The major reasons why some children tend to grow up shy.
  • The psychological ill effects of shyness in an individual.
  • The step-by-step fool-proof methods you can actually follow to get rid of shyness.
  • Powerful medical/scientific ways of eliminating shyness.
  • How to be an efficient conversationalist no matter how shy you are.
  • The most effective ways to start a conversation.
  • How an extrovert can turn out to be shy.
  • How to determine if your baby is shy in as early as two months.
  • The first thing you must learn to do to overcome shyness.
  • Powerful medications to overcome social anxiety.

And a whole lot more!


A complimentary audio book is included.

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