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Spell Caster


A look at the world of spell casting.

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Spells don’t really work the way you might think – spells are a bit like recipes.

You may attempt to follow along, however if you aren’t acquainted with the ingredients, if you don’t comprehend the techniques, if you don’t have a general understanding of the techniques or practice very much, it will be haphazard. As a matter of fact, the more you rely on the recipe, without truly learning what makes them work, the more misses you’ll get than hits.

Enlightening topics include:

  • Spell casting basics
  • The history of spells
  • Understanding the meaning of paranormal
  • What are magical words?
  • Understanding black magic
  • Understanding white magic
  • Spell casting of days gone past
  • Modern uses of spell casting
  • Cautions about spell casting
  • What the critics and proponents have to say

Spell Caster – A look at the world of spell casting.

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