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Easily impress any job interviewer and sway him or her to willingly and eagerly hire you on the spot!

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You have already prepared the perfect resume and sent copies to different companies. You have gone in and out of job interviews. But you’re still clueless as to why you haven’t yet received any “good news” from your prospective employers. So, why isn’t anybody hiring you yet?

The answer is simple. Your perfectly crafted resume can’t close the deal for you. Job interviews, whether its formal or informal, have the last say about your entry with a certain company. Realise that you’ve got lots of competition around you. Young, talented graduates are hungry for high-paying jobs. The job market doesn’t have only you as a client. It is up to you to leave a lasting impression the moment you walk into the office of a prospective employer. Your chance to catch that dream job is very high.

With the right information, you can haul down a sought after position easily. With your intelligence, confidence, and charms all working for you, you could never go wrong!

What can you learn from this book?

  • The reasons why your resume alone won’t give you the job you want.
  • How to walk through the door of opportunities in your chosen career.
  • How to present your resume to get it to the right people.
  • How to create a great, lasting first impression on your prospective employers.
  • What to wear and not to wear on job interviews.
  • How to get ready for the big day.
  • The things you have to bring and the things you have to leave. behind during the job interview.
  • The rules of courtesy and etiquette you should never forget.
  • Research and spying tips to know more about the company, their goals, and their strategies before showing up for the interview.
  • Why knowing more about the company is a crucial task.
  • How to determine the perfect job for you.
  • How to write an appealing resume that really sells.
  • How to create an eye-catching cover letter.
  • How to act properly in a restaurant interview.
  • Dining etiquettes you need to observe in a luncheon interview with your prospective employer.
  • The different kinds of interview questions and how to property answer them.
  • How to get the interviewer hanging with your every word.
  • How to answer behaviour-based interview with flying colors.
  • How to respond to trick questions and impress your future employer.
  • Case-study interviews and how to handle them.
  • How to answer research-related interview questions the right way.
  • How to act when you are subjected to surprise interviews and stress interviews.
  • 4 ways to deal with an interviewer who is intentionally assaulting your resume and skills.
  • The key points in a team interview.
  • Effective steps to ace a technical interview.
  • The 10 commonly asked interview questions about your educational background.
  • Top 17 harmless “getting-to-know-you” questions you should always have a ready answer for.
  • The 13 career inquiry questions employers always ask.
  • The 10 general questions about your experiences.
  • The 12 analytical questions you might want to do a research on.
  • The 3 case study questions that can prepare you for anything.
  • The things you should ask yourself to show your future employer your genuine interest in the position you are applying for.
  • The type of questions you can choose not to answer.
  • How to exude competence that sets you apart from the pack.

And a whole lot more!


A complimentary audio book is included.

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