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Overcoming Addiction


Regain control over your life and permanently break free from the life-threatening bondage of addiction!

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Getting addicted to something can be a big challenge. Most addictions, regardless of intensity and scope, are detrimental to your health, emotional stability, and success.

You might be well today, but you might go back to your old habit tomorrow. You might be successful in warding off your addiction for a week, but you may see yourself succumb to the same temptations over the next week.

You will not be permanently cured of any addiction unless you address it from the “roots,” so you can be sure it won’t come back ever again. What can you learn from this book?

  • The meaning and nature of addiction.
  • Self-test questions to determine whether you are addicted or not.
  • How addiction begins and how to control it from the start.
  • The common reasons and explanations why addiction happens.
  • The different patterns of addiction and its relevance.
  • Family coping patterns and the role they play with addiction.
  • How to complement the physical aspects with psychological aspects to cure addictions.
  • The alternative methods of overcoming addiction.
  • 9 great tips to stop addiction.
  • The most common addictions, its causes and cures.
  • The disease model of drug addiction.
  • The rewards system related to drug addiction.
  • Drug addiction and the road to recovery.
  • How smoking becomes an addiction.
  • The major reasons why people get addicted to cigarettes.
  • Powerful steps to put out cigarettes for good.
  • Excellent motivators to quit smoking.
  • Alcoholism and how to stop it.
  • Gambling addiction and the unmistakable attributes of gamblers.
  • How to effectively treat gambling addictions.
  • The other types of addictions and their descriptions.
  • Food addictions and the most common types of food people get addicted to.
  • Addictions to behaviours and activities, and how to avoid them.

And a whole lot more!


A complimentary audio book is included.

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