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A Flicker of Hope


Finding hope in a desperate situation.

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To become better men and women, to overcome life’s challenges and to achieve our dreams isn’t easy.

The only real proven way to do all these things, and more, is to deal with reality the way it is not the way we would prefer it to be. This doesn’t mean we accept it or let it change us for the worse – it simply means we acknowledge what we are up against.

Don’t let reading these things bring you down. Every great adventure you’ve ever read about or seen in a movie has involved the hero overcoming against great odds hasn’t it?

That’s what getting the life you really want is – a great adventure and one can succeed through courage, hard work, willpower and most of all hope.

The true nature of the world is abundance. There’s more than enough for everyone and more to go around and this is a mindset that needs to be adopted.

Some helpful topics included are:

  • Rock bottom? – There is hope!
  • Laying the ground work – Altering limiting belief sets
  • Dream big – What you can believe you can achieve
  • Great stories of hope – From hope to inspiration
  • Avoid common stumbling blocks
  • The difference between hope and optimism
  • Leaving your past in the past
  • Incorporating hope into your daily life
  • Tips to keep the flicker of hope burning everyday
  • Start the journey of hope today!

A Flicker of Hope – Finding hope in a desperate situation.



A complimentary audio book is included.

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