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Natural Healing Wonders


Effectively cure and shield yourself against illnesses using incredibly simple, all-natural yet surprisingly powerful healing methods!

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In natural healing, there is no need to take any form of chemicals or substances, which incidentally may produce negative side effects, in order to heal any kind of sickness!

Natural healing restores your body, not by merely destroying the disease, but by getting rid of it.

In the traditional way of healing, doctors would require you to take pills and other tablets with the idea that those substances will make you well. Why do they recommend them? That’s because these medicines are designed to eliminate the cause of the disease inside the body, which should really be good. But sometimes, while in the process of eliminating such diseases, other body processes and parts are disrupted. The result? Side effects that the doctors themselves can’t do anything about!

What can you learn from this book?

  • The predominant type of treatment practiced by up to 80% of people in the world.
  • Essential oils used to cure specific types of illnesses.
  • The negative effect of eating cooked foods frequently.
  • Disadvantages of pasteurizing, canning, and microwaving.
  • The amazing curing ability of trigger point therapy.
  • How hydrotherapy can treat various illnesses.
  • Natural healing that lessens pain when certain parts of the feet and hands (and also other points on the body) are pressed or manipulated.
  • How to achieve maximum healing and longevity by merging breath work, self-massage, movement, posture and meditation.
  • “One-minute miracles” that work like a charm.
  • The surprising healing power of crystals.
  • The powerful healing power of affirmation and guided imagery.
  • Natural herbs that treat sicknesses and how to use them.
  • The different aspects of massage therapy.
  • The role of yoga in the natural healing process.
  • Why you need to change your diet to be healthier.
  • Colon hydrotherapy, its effects, and how it is done.
  • How acupuncture can enhance your health and well-being.
  • The field of Chiropractic, its application, and when to consult with a chiropractor.
  • Hypnotherapy and why it is very effective in healing diseases.
  • What enzyme therapy really is and how it is applied.
  • Aromatherapy and how it can positively affect the body.

And a whole lot more!


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